• Have the right resources for great health

    – at your fingertips.



    Bringing together convenient, personalised

    and professional coaching through a single platform.



  • No more Google. Get your questions answered by real professionals who know your health.


    We all have questions about what to do after a health checkup, but getting an expert's advice may be difficult or expensive.


    UP Coaching makes possible advice from health experts through an easy accessible platform. Because we believe that quality healthcare should be made available to everyone, and anyone.

  • The UP impact

    93.9% improved health as certified by a medical doctor.

    86.4% sustained their weight loss 3 months after.

    Philip Phor

    Past participant

    "I used to have chronic pains and high blood pressure. which really affected my work and family. But now I have the strength and energy to live out my best in all the areas of my life."

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