• More than a workout, it's where community inspires.



  • Lively or cosy, we've got the class for you

    Small group classes (8-10 pax)

    Get more personal attention in this cosy group session where our UP Coaches can adapt the pace, intensity and workouts to better suit your fitness level and desired health outcomes.

    Big group classes (20-25 pax)

    In this bigger group setting, it's all about leveraging the power of community to spur one another on toward greater fitness levels to lower chronic risks or pains.

  • Small group classes


    A specialized class designed to reduce your chronic risks and pains in a safe manner under the professional coaching of our Exercise is Medicine Singapore certified UP Coaches.

  • Big Group Classes (corporates)


    Leveraging the support of a like-minded community and trained coaches, this class aims to decrease your chronic risks by challenging you to the right level of fitness intensity.

    powerUP (community partners)

    A functional fitness class focusing on building strength to reduce aches and pains and regain energy for active agers to help you feel vibrant again.

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  • State of the UP equipment

    With great training, we do need to invest in great equipment as well.

    Bringing you the state of the art fitness technology, Reax Equipment, developed to improve functional mobility - meaning making our bodies better at performing useful kinds of movements we use for everyday life such as lifting grocery bags, picking things up from the floor, climbing up a flight of stairs, or carrying a baby while talking on the phone. By developing our dynamic strength, balance and agility, it makes doing life more enjoyable and more fun.


    Adjustable, safe and wearable weights to improve strength


    Soft touch and unbreakable water ball to improve neuromuscular control, balance and coordination


    Fun and interactive light system to improve reaction time

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