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    What conditions do you focus on?

    Most of the chronic conditions that are metabolic in nature, namely obesity, pre diabetes, high total / LDL cholesterol and high blood pressure. By the way, together they also cause the most traumatic diseases such as stroke and heart related diseases.

    How fast can I expect improvement to my health status?

    From our prior and existing experience, we typically start to see results within 3 months. Nonetheless, everyone sets different goals for themselves. We encourage everyone we coach to enjoy the journey and let results be the by-product of a healthy and happy life that is sustainable.

    When can I expect my health journey to start?

    Start now! Download the "ImproVee" app via AppStore or GooglePlay and register for a free account. There are basic features that would enable you to get started.


    If you are fortunate to be part of a company that has ImproVee health improvement program as a benefit, you can choose to sign up. Depending on the eligibility criteria set by your company, you would receive an invitation email from our friendly coaches to get started in no time.

    Are there suitable fitness classes that are safe to improve my health?

    We have a network of boostUP fitness classes that are designed specially for people with health risks. These classes were started in consultation with medical professionals and are proudly "Exercise is Medicine" classes geared towards health improvement. Venue and schedule details can be found at theUPFitness.com

    Health checklist for UP Fitness

    Is it ok for me to join the UP Classes if I have certain medical/health conditions?

    Our classes are specially designed to help people with medical health issues to improve their health in a safe manner under the supervision of our trained coaches. However, we will advice you to take pre-caution or/and check in with your doctor if you answer 'yes' to any of the below questions:

    • Do you have a medical condition whereby your doctor has advised against doing physical activity unless approved by him/her?
    • Do you have a medical condition whereby your doctor has advised that special supervision is required should you engage in physical activity?
    • Do you know of any other reasons why you should not be involved in physical activity?
    • Do you have a bone/joint problem or any other problems (e.g. back, knee or hip pains) that could be made worse by a change in your physical activity?


    Can I be refunded for UP Fitness classes unattended?

    There is a no-refund policy for our classes. However, we provide options for shorter term packages (4 sessions long) instead of our usual term packages (12 sessions long) if you're not sure about your commitment in the longer term.


    However, we do encourage going for our usual term classes as this is not only more cost friendly per session (per session fees are at least 40% cheaper for a 12 session package than a 4 session package) but it also provides sufficient time for our health coaches to work with you to attain your desired health outcomes,

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    Contact us at hello@uphealth.sg

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