• One personalised programme for multiple health conditions.

    Our program is designed to support people at-risk to attain positive results in a safe manner.

  • It's about behaviour change that lasts.

    Empower employees with various practical handles through three main touchpoints:


    A multidisciplinary team of experts

    Whatever the needs, we've the necessary expertise to help coachees attain their goals with our experienced team of exercise physiologists, nutritionists and psychologists who will share practical insights from various disciplines to help coachees successfully reach their health goals.


    Motivated through social support

    Combining the social support from both like-minded peers and encouraging coaches, participants are more determined to stay the course and reap the rewards.


    Practical equipping techniques

    Get all your questions answered at our equipping workshops where coachees get up personal with their coaches in this back-to-basics workshop where practical advice on eating the right foods and exercising with the right techniques create real lasting impact.


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  • Why doing chronic risk intervention should happen today.

    It's the one health issue that employees really want support on.

    In Singapore, 1 in 4 people have at least one chronic disease and 1 in 9 has diabetes and companies whom are keen to help their employees cannot avoid this issue.


    While employees at risk know they need to work on it after their corporate health screening is done, many are clueless or time strapped about seeking professional help. Corporate intervention programmes like UP Corporate makes it so convenient to work on their health in the comforts of their workplace.

    Investing in employees health accrues great benefits for companies.

    Support your most "at risk" employees through evidence based programmes addresses behaviours underlying key health issues to the below that brings great cost savings and a great positive culture to the company:


    1. Lower presenteeism and MCs due to poor health

    2. Improve overall energy and productivity at work
    3. Inculcate positivity through empowering employees to take charge of their health and wellbeing

    4. Reduce incidence of workplace injuries (e.g. falls from fainting spells) especially for roles with higher occupational safety and health risks

    The Health Promotion Board is also, very on board.

    Since 2018, the Health Promotion Board has been actively supporting companies through the Workplace Alliance Health grant (up to 50%) to fund their chronic risk or weight intervention programmes for at risk employees, including digital tracking, exercise programmes and access to professional coaches who can provide tips.

  • Tracking things that matter.

    Numbers are important to us too - let us help you with the tracking of health outcomes that lead to real ROIs.



    How much do your employees value the programme and how involved are they in your initiatives?


    chronic risks

    Do your health programmes bring forth real impact and improve the lives of employees?


    medical claims

    Are you saving on costs through lowered MCs and healthier happier employees?



    Are these programmes inspiring enough for your employees to champion them to their fellow colleagues?

  • Engage us and we will do the rest for you.

    Need help with management buy-in, grant support or employee recruitment? Get in touch with us today.

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