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    Recommended by your doctor to get active but can’t seem to find anything out there suitable for you? Afraid of getting giddy spells, heart palpitations, body aches or nausea after fitness classes? Join the boostUP+ classes facilitated by coaches whom are EIMS* certfied to manage even high chronic risk participants. Feel assured that your health conditions are well supervised, while knowing that you are doing enough physical exercise to get your health back in shape.


    *Our coaches for boostUP/boostUP+ classes are proudly Exercise is Medicine certified - a credential program by the American College of Sports Science that recognizes exercise professionals who possess the education and skills to help individuals with common chronic diseases and health conditions.

    Can't find a suitable slot? No worries, join our waiting list below and we will inform you about our newest class timings when they are released!

    Join our UP community at the following locations:

    • UP@Angmokio
    • UP@Stadium
    • UP@Jcube (coming soon)

    Duration: 1 hr

    Targeted group:

    Those whom have had doctor's reference after health screening or want to be more intentional about lowering their chronic risks (e.g. high blood glucose, cholesterol, hypertension, etc) but are afraid that physical activity might trigger other health issues (e.g. giddy spells, heart palpitations, etc). This is a more supervised small group fitness classes with trained coaches to improve one's health in a safe and progressive manner.


    Unsure if your medical condition allows you to take the boostUP+ classes? Do the Health checklist for UP Fitness to see if extra pre-caution should be taken.

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