• boostUP (for corporate/organisations)

    Want to spice things up for your organisations's health/fitness programmes? Want to bring something new, fun and impactful for your employees/members? Try the boostUP Classes! A safer and equally impactful alternative to your HIIT workouts, the boostUP designed by clinical exercise physiologists aims to challenge your fitness intensity to the optimal level your body can take so not only see real changes to your body, but managing chronic health issues like high blood glucose, cholesterol, hypertension.

    Experience our EIMS* certified coaches whom are trained to challenge you to the right level of fitness intensity to lower your chronic risks and gain back the joy of healthy living!


    *Our coaches for boostUP/boostUP+ classes are proudly Exercise is Medicine certified - a credential program by the American College of Sports Science that recognizes exercise professionals who possess the education and skills to help individuals with common chronic diseases and health conditions.

    Duration: 1 hr

    Targeted group:

    People struggling with chronic risks (e.g. high blood glucose, cholesterol, hypertension, etc) and having been looking for specialized safe fitness classes to improve their health. If you have been recommended by a doctor and require more attention to your medical condition at a slower pace, consider our boostUP+ class instead.


    Unsure if your medical condition allows you to take the boostUP classes? Do the Health checklist for UP Fitness to see if extra pre-caution should be taken.

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