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We can win the war against diabetes.

Written by Clarice Goh, Principal nutritionist & coach lead

· Nutrition

While waging a war against diabetes has become a hot topic in Singapore, we should consider if this is an issue that has no silver lining.

At a glance, it's easy to feel discouraged when we read about overconsumption of sugar. An individual's maximum recommended sugar intake should be about 8 to 11 tsp daily but take a look t the below chart and you'll realise just how easy it is for us to consume more sugar than recommended if sugary beverages were taken during in all our three meals.

But controlling sugar consumption isn't all that tough if we know how to cut down on our sugar in various aspects of our meals. Here are 5 great tips that are some of the best weapons in your war against diabetes.

It's simple to win the war against diabetes by just a simple mindset change. It's not about changing your habits entirely or entirely refraining from eating all your favourite things - but making small dietary modifications that will manage your overall sugar intake and help you lead a healthier life.

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