• Getting healthier just got simpler and easier through the UP health programme.

    Proven results with 93.9% of participants reducing

    1 chronic risk factor or more and 86.4% sustaining weight loss 4 months after the programme with minimal support.

  • It's a new age. Enjoy professional health coaching in your pocket, without having to burn a hole through it.

    The journey to better health can sometimes seem expensive, difficult or futile. People are demanding for a quality health programme that is effective and doesn't burn a hole in the pocket - hence, we bring you UP Health.


    We bridge the gap by connecting you to our multi-disciplinary team of health professionals via our mobile application and seamlessly integrate their coaching advice into our fitness programme so that you are able to reach your health goals successfully. Learn more about UP Fitness and UP Coaching below:

    UP Fitness classes

    Join this safe and medically grounded fitness class coached by Exercise is Medicine Singapore certified coaches.

    UP Coaching digital programme

    Be connected to a multidisciplinary team of health professionals through our UP Coach app.

    With your unique health details all in a single app platform for our UP coaches to access, getting the right advice to manage chronic pain issues, lose weight or even cardiovascular risks just became a whole lot easier.

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